IRTPO continues to focus on transportation safety for all users and abilities through the development of a Comprehensive Safety Action Plan (CSAP).

What is a CSAP?

The CSAP aims to reduce fatal and serious-injury crashes affecting all roadway users by analyzing data to determine roadway problems and identify potential safety projects. As part of the CSAP, we want to collaborate with community members and include your input into the decision making process.

How can you get involved?

We want to hear from you! Share your insights and suggestions through our interactive map below. Whether you drive, bike, walk, or use transit, we want to hear about the specific safety challenges you encounter and ideas for improvement.

  • Zoom to a location on the map using "-" and "+" on the top right corner of the map or use your mouse cursor to zoom into an area.
  • Click on "Add Marker" and drop a pin at a location.
  • Select a Category: "Vehicle", "Pedestrian/Bicycle" , "Transit" or use "General" to add a comment.
  • Add your comment in the comment box. You can add your Screen Name and email as optional.
  • Click Submit!

Let's work together to create a safer community for us all! Join the conversation today!

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